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Third Street

Housing & Shelter
YWCA Madison / Third Street

Third Street, located on the third and fourth floors at the downtown YWCA Madison location, provides affordable apartments, a safe neighborhood for families, and support services. The program serves single moms with one or two children, birth to four years old, or women in their last trimester of pregnancy.

Third Street families overcome the challenges of poverty, homelessness, and abuse while pursuing goals towards becoming self-reliant. The program supports parents in nurturing their children by providing stability, support, and a starting place. While in the program, women are able to pursue their goals and build a positive housing history.

Third Street provides bright spaces for moms and children to live and play, a computer lab with Internet access, and furnished apartments. Families participate in weekly meetings, workshops, outings, and special program events. Volunteers provide respite and playgroups for moms and children. Families gain a sense of community, and build support and friendships that continue beyond their stay in the program.

Learn more about Third Street and how to apply

Please call Nancy at 608-257-1436, option 2 at the beginning of each month to inquire about potential openings and to schedule application appointments.

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